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How to use ElectraStim Electro Urethral Sounds for sounding

What You Need for ElectraStim Sounding

If you were to ask most men what the scariest sexual thing they can think of is, urethral sounding would probably be up there at the top. The idea of inserting a piece of metal into the penis is enough to make a lot of guys cross their legs in fear but in reality it’s one of the sexiest experiences a guy can have… they just need to summon a little bravery first.

We’re a pretty experimental bunch and as a result we’ve created a range of urethral dilators designed especially for erotic electro-stimulation. They measure up at 130mm in length and come in a range of widths to suit different experience levels.

Far from being a painful experience, using an e-stim sound will give you intense pleasure, building you up to an intense orgasm. The tingling sensations resonate from inside your shaft, making your pelvic floor contract so the sound rises and falls in time with stimulation. This means you don’t need to manually manipulate the sound to experience the best sexual pleasure, you can let your stimulator do all of the hard work.

Urethral Sounding For Beginners

If you’re completely new to sounding we recommend that you start off without using electrostimulation. It can take a few attempts for your body to get used to the sensation of being penetrated in this way and bringing electric into the mix early on is often too intense. Our sounds come in 3 sizes – 5mm, 7mm and 9mm. You can try buying a set of traditional sounds to find the best size for you first, this will allow you to experiment with different fits. You shouldn’t opt for a sound smaller than 3mm as your first try as these smaller sizes could hurt you if you’re inexperienced with urethral dilation. We’ve chosen 5mm as our smallest size as it offers a close fit and that’s more desirable when bringing electrostimulation into play.
How to Insert Urethral Sounds
It’s recommended that you urinate before play, there’s nothing worse than needing a wee part way through your experimentation. Your ElectraStim sounding kit includes 3 sachets of sterile wipes and 3 sachets of sterile lube but if you visit the product page you can buy all 3 sizes for a combined discount. Use one of the sterile wipes to wipe down the entire surface of the sound and to clean your urethral opening.
Prepare your sound for use by coating the metal surface with the sterile lubricant. You should find there’s plenty spare for reapplication if needed during play. You should also lubricate your urethral opening to assist insertion. Once you’re all lubed up, you’re ready to get started. You can insert the sound while either flaccid or erect. Do not attempt to insert the sound to a greater depth than the length of your shaft.

Just like with anal play, it’s important that you take sounding slowly. Pull back your foreskin and hold your glands steady with your weakest hand, using your dominant hand to guide the sound into your urethra. You should hold your penis straight but not stretched and use minimal force to guide the sound insideyou.

The more relaxed you feel, the easier you will find it. Don’t ever try to push the sound inside you if you feel resistance, with some time and patience you should find that the sound will go deeper.

On your first attempt you may find that the sound does not slide completely into place with ease, so some of the sound will protrude from the end of your penis. Allow the sound to rest and give your body time to acclimatise to the sensation of being penetrated, this can take a few seconds or a few minutes. Always listen to your body and be patient with your experimentation.

When you’re ready to continue with insertion, you’ll need to adjust the angle of your penis. Push very gently as you move your penis to find the point where resistance feels lowest. When you find that magic angle, it’s time to use a smidge more force. This can feel a little bit uncomfortable and you might experience intensified pressure or a mild burning sensation, but this is quite normal so don’t panic.

If at any stage you feel sharp pains or localised pain in just one part of your urethra, especially where the tip of the sound is resting, you should carefully withdraw the sound. So long as you are taking things gently you shouldn’t have a problem.
Following your introduction to sounding you may find that you feel a mild burning sensation when you urinate. It can last for a few hours or a few days and it’s completely normal. Much like when you first try anal play or even when women first try vaginal sex, the body reacts to what is an alien sensation but it’s nothing to worry about. With practice these sensations will disappear and you’ll soon be dilating like a pro.

Try using your sound like this a couple of times before you start trying masturbation alongside it. Ensure that you don’t use vigorous force during stroking and never ejaculate while using the sound.

How To Mix Erotic Electrostimulation and Urethral Sounding

You’ll already need to own an ElectraStim stimulator to power your sound. You can use stimulators by other brands but you may need an adapter kit and because sounds are uni-polar you’ll also need a second uni-polar electrode. Try an electro cock ring worn around your penis and testicles for the deepest sensations.

Connect your sound to your ElectraStim stimulator and prepare your second uni-polar electrode. If you’re using a cock ring you’ll want to put it on before you’re erect and should opt for a looser fit.

Clean, lubricate and insert your sound and it’s time for the fun to start. Switch on your stimulator and slowly increase intensity until you begin to feel sensation. You’ll want to take things gently to ensure it doesn’t feel too intense. Sensations will feel like they’re coming from deep within your shaft and the fit will feel tighter as your urethra clenches around the sound.

Change the stimulation setting to a pattern and your pelvic floor muscles will start to contract, making the sound rise and fall in time with stimulation. The stronger the contractions, the more the sound will move and you may find that you have to steady it to prevent it from slipping out.

Some men find that they achieve full erection during play while others remain flaccid or become semi erect. Neither response is more desirable, so long as stimulation feels good and you feel your orgasmic energy building – you’re doing it right!

When you feel yourself close to orgasm you should switch off your stimulator and remove the sound before you climax.

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