ElectraStim 90-Degree Stimulator Cables


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A replacement for the standard ElectraStim stimulator connecting cable that allows you to sit/ride on insertable toys without damaging the original cables.

Compatible with any ElectraStim stimulator, this cable can permanently replace your original cable if you prefer.

Please note that if you own an accessory with our ‘Stealth Base’ such as Komodo, Habanero or the Rocker Butt Plugs we advise using the original cables as they are already protected by the base.


  • Cable Length: 1.2 metres / 3’ 9”
  • Accessory Connector: 2mm
  • Stimulator Connector: 3.75mm Safety Type
  • Materials: Nylon, PVC, Copper, Cord, Nickel-plated brass (pins)