Adapter Kit - Press Stud Connectors (2 Pack)


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Adapt your ElectraStim cable for use with other electro sex toys using this E-Stim Press Stud Adapter kit. If you’ve found a must-have electrode but it isn’t compatible with your ElectraStim stimulator then you’ll need an adapter kit to make it fit.

This 2-pack of adapters fit onto your existing ElectraStim cable to transform the 2mm pins into 4mm press studs. Use this kit for electro sex toys that have 4mm press stud connection.

E-Stim Press Stud Adapter Specifications

Simply insert the two pins on your ElectraStim connecting cable into the e-stim press stud adapters adapters and attach the press stud themselves to the toy. You’ll be able to transform a single channel on your stimulator with this pack for use with any toys from other brands that accept this type of connection. If you have a dual-channel stimulator then you’ll need to buy an adapter set for each channel. No wires are included as these were supplied with your original purchase or sold separately.

What’s Included?

2 x adapters with 2mm input and 4mm press stud output

A set of two adapters for use with any ElectraStim stimulator kit. Suitable for use with any connecting wire that has 2mm pin output.

For use with electro sex toys with 4mm press stud connection.