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The ElectraStim EM60 Flick is our most popular and affordable stimulator; making it an ideal choice for beginner's. 'Flick' is a single-channel stimulator that will power either 2 uni-polar electrodes or 1 bi-polar electrode.

It’s our first rechargeable stimulator and because it charges via USB it’s ideal for travelers who want to be able to use their e-stim kit anywhere in the world.

'Flick' also contains our patented motion activated stimulation mode. This setting translates the rhythm and intensity of your movements into stimulation to match sensation with your thrusts, strokes and spanks. 

How To Charge Your EM60 'Flick' Stimulator
Connect the included charging cable to your Flick stimulator, plug it into any USB port or a plug adapter and allow it to fully charge. A red light will illuminate while the stimulator is charging and will switch off once charging is complete. A full charge will take up to 3 hours.

How To Set Up Your 'Flick' Stimulator
Once the stimulator is charged, it’s time for the fun to start! Simply insert the connecting wire into the top of your stimulator and insert both 2mm on the ends into your chosen electrode/s.

It’s also possible to share sensation with a partner when you each use a toy connected to the same wire.

How To Use The EM60 'Flick'

Changing Power Levels
Switch on your EM60 by pressing the on/off button. The display will illuminate to let you know the unit is active. The intensity level will be set to 0 and the stimulation will be on a continuous setting.

Increase the power level by pressing the intensity up button and you will begin to feel stimulation. Every press will increase the stimulation intensity by one level and you may need to climb a few levels before you notice the sensations. If you do not feel any stimulation, switch the stimulator off and reconnect the pins, ensuring they are inserted all the way into your chosen electrode/s and try again.
There are 24 intensity levels to cater for all tastes, so you’ll find the right setting for you with a little experimentation. If stimulation feels too intense, press the intensity down button or press the on/off button to switch the unit off. When you power the stimulator up again, intensity will be reset to 0.

The intensity level display has 12 lights that illuminate at 3 different brightnesses to tell you which intensity level has been selected.

Changing Patterns
Each press of the mode button will change the stimulation pattern.
There are 7 settings in total and the stimulator will always start with the continuous setting. Each press of the mode button will activate a new pattern setting:

Continuous – Smooth and constant
Wave – Slow and gentle waves / massage effect
Escalating Wave – Alternating fast and slow waves
Slow Pulse – Pulsating
Dual Pulse – Medium burst followed by fast bursts
Falling Rest – Pulsing pattern with an ever-decreasing
rest period until the stimulation is constant (repeats)
Escalating Pulse – Slow pulse escalating to a fast pulse and then slowing again
The output activity LED monitor will flash an orange LED light in time with stimulation so you know which pattern setting is selected.

Activating the 'Flick' mode
Hold the mode button down for two seconds and you’ll activate our revolutionary Flick mode. This specialist setting allows you to enjoy stimulation that reacts to your movements, creating tailor-made patterns.

How To Use The Flick Mode
Hold the stimulator flat and use up-and-down motions to shake it similarly to how you might shake a maraca. The harder and faster you shake, the more intense and quicker stimulation will feel. You can adjust the intensity levels just like you can with any of the other stimulation modes so it will never feel too strong.
The Flick LED display will show you the intensity of each motion. When you are reaching your maximum selected intensity, it will show four green lights and one red light at the very top. To increase intensity further, simply press the intensity up button.

Sharing sensations with a partner
You and your partner can share sensations with ElectraStim Flick when you both use an electrode connected to the same stimulator. Connect your electrodes as normal but instead of one person using both electrodes, you’ll each take charge of your own electrode. You can use any combination of electrodes to complement your individual tastes.
Once your electrodes are in place, you should get into position and make sure your bodies are touching below the waist before you switch the stimulator on. Slowly increase the intensity to a level you’re both happy with as you will both experience the same intensity. During play you’ll both experience sensation through your chosen electrodes but you’ll also feel those erotic tingles everywhere you touch one another for a truly synchronised sexual experience.

Important: Keep all bodily contact below the waist with all kinds of electro stimulation.


The EM80 ElectraStim Flick Duo is our first dual-channel rechargeable stimulator. It’s the ideal solution for couples who want to experience more varied electro play and can power twice the amount of electrodes as our single-channel stimulators.

Connect up to 4 uni-polar or 2 bi-polar electrodes at the same time and enjoy independent controls on each channel for a more customised electro-sex experience than ever before.

Flick Duo features 4 different motion-activated stimulation modes to transform your play with new found synchronicity. Use it to enhance stroking, thrusting and spanking with electro-stimulation that matches your movements as well as the intensity of your motions.
Because Flick Duo charges up via USB it’s easy to charge discreetly and can be recharged anywhere in the world.


How To Charge The Flick Duo:
Before you use your ElectraStim Flick Duo you will need to charge it. Insert the USB charging cable into the charging socket at the base of the unit and plug the USB connector into any USB port an adapter plug. A red charging light will illuminate to let you know the unit is charging and will switch off once charging is complete. Charging will take up to 3 hours and a full charge can last for up to 6 hours of play.

How To Set Up The Flick Duo:
Now that your stimulator is fully charged it’s time for the fun to start! The ElectraStim Flick Duo can be used as either a single-channel or a dual-channel stimulator, depending on how you’d like to play.

To use a single channel, insert 1 connecting wire into either of the output sockets in the top of the stimulator. Insert both 2mm pins on the connecting wire into either 2 uni-polar or 1 bi-polar electrode to complete the circuit.

The EM80-E comes with 4 ElectraPads and the EM80-M also includes a Silicone Noir Aura probe and a pair of ElectraLoops cock rings. If you are using 2 uni-polar electrodes they will both need to be in contact with your body in order to feel sensation.
To use both channels you also need to plug the second connecting wire into the other output socket and connect both pins to further electrodes. For example, you could use 2 ElectraPads on each channel.
Once you’ve connected your electrodes it’s time to adjust the power levels and choose your pattern setting.

Important: Your electrodes should be inserted / in place on your body before you switch on your stimulator. Please read the full instructions for each electrode before play.


Changing Power Levels:

Use the on/off button to activate the Flick Duo. The facia will illuminate with a digital display for each output. When you first power up, both channels will set to be intensity level 0.

You can adjust the intensity for each channel independently using the and – buttons below each display. The digital display will let you know which power level you are using on each channel, so you can familiarise yourself with which intensity settings you enjoy the most and use them during future play sessions.

Choose between 25 intensity levels to give you different sensations with different electrodes. Some you might enjoy at a higher level than others, every experience is different so experimentation is fun and varied. If stimulation begins to feel too intense, press the – button on the intensity control and the power level will drop. If you’d rather end stimulation across both channels and start from scratch, press the on/off button and the stimulator will switch off. When it’s switched on again the intensity on both channels will be set back to 0.

Troubleshooting: If you do not feel any stimulation, switch the stimulator off and reconnect the pins, ensuring they are inserted all the way into your chosen electrode/s and try again.

Changing Patterns:
Flick Duo has 8 exciting pattern settings to provide you with a range of erotic sensations. The stimulator will always start with continuous stimulation and each press of the mode button will start a new pattern. The program display will let you know which pattern setting you’re using.

Some of our pattern settings stimulate across both channels at the same time (s) while others alternate (a), so each channel stimulates in turn.

Each press of the mode button will activate a new pattern setting and the same pattern will operate across both channels:
Continuous – Smooth and constant (s)
Alternating Wave – Slow and gentle wave/massage effect sweeping between the two outputs (a)
Escalating Simultaneous Wave – starting with a slow wave and steadily speeding up to a fast wave before slowing down again (s)
Alternating Pulse – a low frequency bursting pattern sweeping between the two outputs (a)
Escalating Simultaneous Pulse – starting with a slow pulse and steadily speeding up to a fast pulse (s)
Simultaneous Falling Rest – pulsing pattern with an ever decreasing rest period until the stimulation is constant (s)
Alternating Dual Pulse – medium burst rate followed by a fast rate (a)
Rapid Fire Escalate – firing an increasing number of pulses to each output before starting again (a)

We’ve added output LEDs to the fascia so you can see the beat of stimulation as it happens, allowing you to better understand what your partner is experiencing when you’re playing together.

Activating The Flick Mode:

You can experience motion-responsive stimulation by switching over to one of the 4 Flick modes that the ElectraStim Flick has to offer. Hold down the mode button for 2 seconds to enter Flick Mode. Each further press of the mode button will activate a different Flick setting.

How To Flick:

Flicking your stimulator is most effective when you hold it flat. You then want to shake it similarly to how you’d shake a maraca. Stimulation becomes quicker and more intense when you shake the unit faster and with more force. Use the output intensity controls to adjust the intensity of the stimulation you feel. The setting you choose will be the maximum power level you feel during play.

You can experience Flick on one or both channels, depending on which mode you select. There are 4 variations to try:
1. Left-hand output Flick / right-hand output continuous stream
2. Left-hand output continuous stream / right-hand output Flick
3. Both channels Flick
4. Flick alternates between left and right channel
Tip: Attach the EM80 to the back of your hand using an elastic tie. This is especially effective during male masturbation and spanking.

Sharing Sensations With Your Partner:

The EM80 stimulator lets you and your partner simultaneously experience stimulation by sharing electrodes on 1 or both channels.

Each choose an electrode and connect them to the same channel. When you each use a uni-polar electrode, you each become half of an erotic circuit. When your bodies touch you’ll both feel sensation through your electrodes as well as everywhere you touch one another.

Important: Keep bodily contact below the waist when sharing e-stim sensations.


The ElectraStim SensaVox EM140 Electrosex Stimulator is our most advanced and powerful stimulator so it has a lot of functions and features to get to grips with. We’ve created this handy advice guide to give you the full low-down before your purchase arrives. 

A full instructional booklet is also included with the kit as well as a CDROM featuring English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German translations. 

What's Included?

– ElectraStim SensaVox EM140 Stimulator
– 2 x connecting cables, each with 2 x 2mm connecting pins
– Universal mains power adaptor– Microphone– Audio line-in cable
– 3.5mm jack coupling adaptor
– 9v battery
– Audio effects CDROM
– Instructional booklet
– Carry case
– 1 year warranty with the option to extend to 3 years with product registration

Key Features

– 99 intensity levels
– 9 pattern settings
– 3 x audio input settings
– 3 x microphone input settings
– Dual-channel stimulation
– Mains powered or battery powered – Universal mains adaptor included
– Our most powerful stimulator 


SensaVox is a dual-channel stimulation unit designed to be used by individuals or couples for erotic electro stimulation (EES). It can be used during masturbation, foreplay and sex to improve sexual sensations and needs to be used alongside at least 1 bi-polar or 2 uni-polar electrodes. No electrodes are included with the kit, so you will need to buy these separately.

Because SensaVox has 2 individual channels it can power up to 2 bi-polar or 4 uni-polar electrodes at the same time. Each channel has its own intensity control so you can experience different levels of power on each channel at the same time.

The stimulator can be powered either directly from the mains or by battery, depending on your preference. Special audio input via a hi-fi or the included microphone allows you to synchronise stimulation with sound, so you can experience sensations in time with music or voice control.

How Adjustable Is The Control and Intensity?

SensaVox is a highly adjustable stimulator with 99 intensity levels controlled by a twist dial on each channel. It takes over 4 full rotations of the dials to reach full power, so it’s easy to find the right power setting for you without going too high too fast. This makes SensaVox over 5 times more controllable than most estim devices, ensuring you can find exactly the right intensity setting.

How Do The Dual Channels Work?

Having 2 channels lets you use double the amount of electrodes that you can with a single channel unit. Each channel has its own adjustable intensity, so you can use level 99 on channel 1 and level 1 on channel 2 if you like.

If you like to share sensations with your partner you can use both channels exactly as you would with a single-channel stimulator. Simply connect 2 uni-polar electrodes to the same channel and instead of using both yourself, give one to your partner to play with. When you touch one another you complete the circuit, so you’ll feel sensation through the electrodes but also everywhere you touch one another.

What Are The Stimulation Programs?

There are 9 pre-programmed stimulation settings controlled by an embedded microprocessor inside the stimulation unit. The program selection buttons allow you to choose any one of the stimulation programs:

P1 Smooth – Constant, steady stimulation
P2 Caress – Pulsating massage
P3 Swinger – Pulsating massage alternates between channels
P4 Burst – Stimulation is simultaneously interrupted on both channels in burst
P5 Alternate – Stimulation alternates between both channels
P6 Stepper – Stimulation fades in and out on each channel at alternate times
P7 Shooter – Strings of pulsating sensations alternate between the channels
P8 Auto Climb – Channel 1 slowly builds intensity, Channel 2 stimulates continuously
P9 Climax – Pulsations start slowly, quicken and then slow again


Can I Select Different Stimulation Patterns On Each Channel?

No. The selected pattern will operate on both channels with the exception of P8 (which will have a pattern on channel 1 and constant stimulation on channel 2).

Do The Channels Stimulate At The Same Time?

On some pattern settings you’ll feel stimulation at the same time across both channels. Other patterns alternate between the channels, so it feels as if stimulation is flicking between the channels. We’ve added a safety feature that prevents you increasing the stimulation level on either channel when sensations are not active. This ensures you won’t be in for any surprises when stimulation resumes on that channel.

What Is The Boost Feature?

Pressing the boost button will temporarily increase the output intensity by 25% across both channels. You could use Boost at the point of climax to make your orgasm feel stronger or alternatively use it during sensory play to test your partner’s limits. The increased intensity only lasts for a couple of seconds after the button is pressed, or for as long as the button is held down. Intensity will then return to the original power level.



About The Audio and Microphone Input:

You can use either music or voice control to create stimulation patterns with SensaVox. Simply connect SensaVox to your amplifier, speakers, MP3 player or other audio connection using the audio cable or by plugging the included microphone into the input socket on the stimulator.

The intensity displays will automatically reduce to 0 when either of the audio modes are invoked and the program display will change to indicate which mode you are using. The stimulator has an intelligent internal processor that will immediately recognise the audio input.

The display will show A1 when the microphone is plugged in and L1 when you connect to a music device. To return to the built-in programs simply remove the audio connector and you will be reverted to the last selected program. Always begin audio modes with a low intensity setting and slowly increase power as you adjust to the voice/music activated stimulation.


Plug the microphone into the input socket on the stimulator and use the pattern button to select your choice of stimulation. There are 3 different audio options to choose between:

A1 – Channel 1 is controlled by the sound the microphone picks up
A2 – Channel 2 is controlled by the sound the microphone picks up
A3 – Both channels are controlled by the sound the microphone picks up

When using A1 or A2 the other channel will be set to stimulate continuously.

Twist the dials to adjust how sensitive stimulation is to sound. The more levels you climb, the more stimulation will react to changes in sound. The intensity is controlled by volume so the louder you speak into the microphone, the stronger stimulation will feel.

The microphone sensitivity is set to filter out unwanted peripheral sounds, so for the best results you should speak directly into the microphone. If you need to extend the distance of the mic from the stimulator you can do so using the included adaptor and the audio cable. If you’d like the microphone to be more sensitive you can remove the microphone cover.


Plug the audio cable into the stimulator and the unit will switch to L1 mode. This allows you to use any audio device to create tailored stimulation. Simply plug the other end of the audio cable directly into your phone, MP3 player, computer or hi-fi. If you want to be able to hear the music while it stimulates, you’ll need to buy an adaptor that splits a single male input into 2 female outputs. This will allow you to connect both the stimulator and speakers to the same 3.5mm jack.

Once you have your stimulator connected, you can explore 3 different settings:

L1 – Channel 1 is controlled by the audio input
L2 – Channel 2 is controlled by the audio input
L3 – Both channels are controlled by the audio input

When using L1 or L2 the other channel will be set to continuous stimulation.

Just like with the microphone input, the audio input sensitivity can be adjusted using the twist dials. The more you twist the dials, the more the stimulator will react to the audio input. To increase the intensity of stimulation you need to increase the volume, but always start off low.


Economy Power Saving Feature:

When powered by the mains, the stimulators LED displays will be at full brightness and constantly illuminated. When running on batteries the displays will be slightly dimmer and will automatically extinguish 15 seconds after the last adjustment was made. This helps to prolong battery life so you can play for longer. If you’d like to switch off the power saving mode, simply hold down the boost button as you switch the unit on.

Safety Features:

Utilising digital technology allows us to include some very useful safety features. When you switch on the ElectraStim Em140 all power levels will automatically be set to 0. Similarly when a different program is selected the stimulation intensity levels on both channels are automatically reduced to 0. The output intensity is also reduced to 0 when the either of the SensaVox audio modes are invoked.

On programs where stimulation alternates between channel 1 and channel 2 it is only possible to increase the intensity of a chosen channel when its output is active. This avoids unpleasant surprises when the channel becomes active again. The intensity can be reduced whether the channel is active or not.

Low Battery Warning

A low battery light will illuminate when the battery is starting to run out, so you can switch to mains power or replace the battery at your convenience. The display will also flash the message ‘Lo’ intermittently as a warning.




If you need more information about any topic, contact us!