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Our ElectraStim Flick Stimulators revolutionised erotic electro-stimulation play with an exciting motion-activated feature that allows you to customise stimulation using your own movements. By flicking the stimulator with different speeds and intensities you’re able to create your own patterns that match your hand movements- what we’ve called Virtual Spanking. Not only does this allow you to better match stimulation to your desires, it opens up all-new ways to play both solo and with your partner.

Spanking is a popular bedroom activity to experiment with but if you’re a singleton it’s not quite as easy to get your kicks. Flick allows you to enjoy electro-spanking without the need for a partner, although it is just as fun to enjoy with your lover.

How To Spank Yourself With ElectraStim Flick

To enjoy a good solo spanking session you need our ElectraStim Flick EM60-E Pack. It includes our Flick single-channel stimulator and a set of four uni-polar square conductive pads. Believe it or not, that’s all you’ll need to play.

Connect two of the pads to your stimulator and adhere them to your favourite spanking spot. For some people this is on each buttock, whereas others prefer the fleshier parts of the thighs or the sweet spot just on the inside of the buttocks, grazing the genitals. Try different parts of your bottom and thighs to find the combination that pushes your buttons.

Once the pads are in place, it’s time to activate Flick. Switch on your stimulator and use the continuous stimulation setting to find your upper limit for intensity. When you find that point that feels mildly prickly and makes you squirm, switch your stimulator to the Flick mode and select the same intensity level. You’ll feel stimulation drop off completely until you start to move the stimulator. By flicking the stimulator up and down, you’ll create waves of stimulation that give you a virtual spank!

Start off gently with slow, steady motions that create soft waves of stimulation that feel similar to a pleasurable massage. You can build up intensity by gradually increasing the speed and force behind your motions or choose to use intermitant bursts of firm stimulation – let your body be your guide.

Because you only need one hand to flick, you’re able to use your other to pleasure yourself for an even more erotic experience. You can even opt to have a one-pad spanking and team it with another uni-polar electrode like a dildo, cock ring or anal sex toy. When you use another electro sex toy you’ll experience pleasurable contractions in your most sensitive pleasure zones alongside every spank.

How To Spank Your Partner With Flick 

electro spankYou can spank your partner in exactly the same way as you’d spank yourself or up the ante by using a classic spanking paddle alongside the pads. Attach Flick to the handle of your paddle and use it to spank the fleshiest parts of your lover’s bottom and thighs. To intensify the afterglow of each hit, gently shake the paddle after you pull away. The pads will transmit a prickly tingle that emphasises the warming post-spank sensations and prolongs the rush they feel.

Want to take things even further? Try our ElectraStim ElectraPaddle. It’s our first electro spanking paddle made for purpose and it can be used as a bi-polar electrode or a uni-polar electrode alongside your favourite electro sex toys for a spanking session to remember.

If you’ve experimented with bedroom bondage before then the chances are that you’ve tried spanking, either with a paddle hair brush or with a specialised spanking paddle or spanker. Spanking is part of a practice known as sensory play, where you use different techniques to excite the nerve endings beneath the skin to create an erotic response.

Spanking feels good because it creates a mild biochemical rush of adrenaline and dopamine as your body responds to the lightly painful sensation of being spanked. This cocktail or neurochemicals creates an exhilarating feeling that can cause a giddying high, enhancing other sexual contact such as kissing, stroking or foreplay.

Erotic electro-stimulation also works by stimulating nerve endings, so it stands to reason that by combining the thrill of spanking with the intense tingles of erotic stimulation you’ll create a whole new sensory thrill that can enhance and even escalate the effects of your spanking play.

What Is The ElectraPaddle?

The ElectraStim ElectraPaddle is a leather spanking paddle that features a trio of metal contacts to the face. You can use it exactly as you would a normal spanking paddle, using the smooth face for a lighter spank and the metal face for an intensified experience. When you connect our electro spanking paddle to one of our Stimulators, your spanking session is completely transformed.

ElectraPaddle has bi-polar inputs that transmit sensation to the metal contacts on the surface. When both inputs are connected, all three contact will be live. You can also use ElectraPaddle as a uni-polar electrode with the top and bottom contact live or just the middle contact live. When using ElectraPaddle as a uni-polar electrode you’ll need to use it alongside another uni-polar electrode such as an ElectraPad.

How To Use The Paddle For Spanking?

First thing’s first, you’re going to need a tube of conductive gel to lubricate the contacts. Because the paddle is an external electrode you’ll need to use this special gel to ensure that the sensation can be felt. Without the gel you may find that you only feel mild sensation or none at all!

Once you’ve lubricated the contacts it’s time for the fun to begin. The sensations transmitted by the paddle can be very intense, so we recommend that you start off slowly and gently. Everyone has different sensitivity to stimulation levels, so what feels light and ticklish to some will feel intense to others.

Warm up by using the smooth leather side of the spanker to awaken your lover’s skin, gently patting their bottom and thighs with the surface, building up to sharper spanks. Always listen to your partner’s desires and build up sensation accordingly.

When they’re ready, you can bring electrostimulation into play. Use the continuous stimulation setting to find your partner’s limits and use a low intensity, asking your partner to let you know when they’re aware of stimulation. Once you reach that level, it’s time to start play.

Use the electrified contacts to tease your partner’s bottom and thighs, stroking the surface over the fleshiest parts of their body so that they become familiar with the sensations. Once you’re certain they’re comfortable with the sensations you can begin lightly spanking them, holding the paddle down against their skin after each spank so that the tingling sensations enhance the spanking afterglow.

As they acclimatise to the sensations you can begin to increase intensity. Climb no more than 2 levels at a time and maintain good communication with your lover throughout play. If the sensation feels too intense, hold the paddle against the skin for a shorter period of time or step down the intensity.

Once you’re both feeling confident, it’s time to switch things up. Switch the stimulator to the highest setting your partner is comfortable with and use the leather side to spank and tease them, aiming for their sweet spot between the thighs so each hit makes light contact with their genitals. Every few spanks, twist the paddle around and make contact with the electrodes, pressing them firmly against the skin for a sharp shock that escalates their response and heightens their biochemical rush.

How To Use The Flick With Our ElectraPaddle

The ElectraStim Flick is the perfect stimulator to team with our ElectraPaddle as it has a motion-sympathetic mode that translates the pattern and intensity of your spanks into stimulation. You can attach Flick to the handle of your spanking paddle using an elastic band so that stimulation precisely matches the style of your swing or you can use it to follow up each spank with a second electro spank.

To do this, hold Flick in one hand and the paddle in the other. Swing with the paddle and then hold it against the contact point, you then ‘flick’ to create a secondary wave of stimulation that rises and falls with the intensity of your Flick.

The quicker and harder you flick, the faster and more intense stimulation will feel. Try flicking with a slow, soft sensation and then following up with several quick bursts of more intense sensations so that the sensation of every spank lasts for longer.

Our pinwheels receive a lot of attention for being a scary sex toy, especially from those who are unfamiliar with the Wartenberg Wheel and its use in the bedroom. On the face of it, a metal instrument covered in sharp spikes is quite an unnerving thing to behold. It could be used to some terrible effect if it’s misunderstood, but generally speaking it’s not a torture device and isn’t designed to break the skin or inflict pain. This guide on how to use ElectraStim pinwheels will hopefully calm some nerves and tickle some fancies!

The Wartenberg Wheel, also known as the Wartenberg Neurowheel was invented as a neurological device to test nerve reactions. The wheel is rolled across the skin to excite the nerve endings and create a physical response, usually in the form of goose bumps. Suddenly not so scary, is it? Because the spikes are sharp, only light force is applied and the pinwheel points should never break the skin.

What's Different About ElectraStim Pinwheels?

Our pinwheels take those teasing sensations further by bringing electro-stimulation into play. Because our bodies become accustomed to the sensation of being tickled by the wheel, you need to do something different to maintain the erotic effects. Because it’s not advisable to press harder (and this is unlikely to have an erotic effect), we’ve designed a duo of pinwheels that transmit electrical signals to get your nerve endings excited again.

Our Uni-Polar Pinwheel is a reimagining of the traditional Wartenberg Wheel design. It has a small wheel with equally-spaces spikes that glide effortlessly across the skin to wake-up your nerve endings and increase your sensitivity to other physical contact such as stroking, kissing and fondling.

For double the fun try our Bi-Polar Pinwheel, Instead of a single wheel it has two, so you can stimulate a wider surface area with one stroke.

How To Use Electro Pinwheels

Pinwheels are best used as a teasing toy to form part of foreplay. They can be used on any part of the body before the stimulator is switched on and below the waist once you bring e-stim sensations into play.

Using pinwheels has a similar effect to erotic massage and can even form part of your couple’s massage. You start off using the wheels to glide over the back, teasing your way toward more responsive erogenous zones like the neck, insides of elbows, the backs of the knees, the sides of the breast, the groin and between the thighs. Your movements should be slow and lingering and can be interchanged with stroking and kissing to increase the effects. The more spontaneous and less predictable stimulation is, the more powerful the effects.

When your lover becomes accustomed to the sensations it’s time to bring in the electro sensations. Use some conductive gel to lubricant the points on the wheel. Because pinwheels are external electrodes they need some of this gel to ensure good conductivity.

Switch on your stimulator and select a slow wave pattern setting to complement your slow, teasing motions. Pick an intensity level that creates plenty of tingling but doesn’t feel too intense to start with, you can increase sensation as your lover becomes accustomed to the sensations. As you continue to tease, move toward their more responsive pleasure zones. Tease the pinwheel over the insides of their thighs, edging slowly toward their genitals and occasionally grazing their most intimate areas. As they become more excited, bring your hands into play and move the teasing onto foreplay.

When using any external electrode it's important that you use a good layer of conductive gel in order to achieve the kind of sensations you want. 

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