Latest Release: V1.1 You can download this update for free here:

The ElectraStim AXIS can be updated to the latest firmware version in order to give access to the latest features or fix any little bugs that may have come to light. You don’t need to be a computer expert to do this but you will need to download some programming software along with the latest firmware release. If you're not confident to do this, you may need to enlist some help but if you follow the instructions carefully the process is relatively straightforward. 

We have also put together a video to take you through the steps, which you can view at the bottom of this page. In order to carry out the update you will require an internet connected computer/laptop, your AXIS stimulator, the micro USB charging/data cable and the reset pin.


Click on the download link below which will take you to the appropriate web page where you will be able to download the AXIS firmware. You would normally want to get the latest update but if you prefer to go back to a previous version then you can. The web page that the link takes you to will provide further information. Save the selected update file (Axis_VX.X.bin) to an appropriate folder on your computer for easy access. You can just leave it in your downloads folder if preferred.


Step 2 - Download the appropriate programming application called BOSSA 1.8 from the list below. Ensure that you select the version that is compatible with your computer type.

Windows x86 (32-bit) installer:

Window x64 (64-bit) installer:

Apple Mac OS X installer:


Step 3 - Unzip/extract the file and follow the on screen instructions to install the Bossa application.

Step 4 - Once the Installation has finished, launch the Bossa application, and the following window should open…

Step 5 - NOW CONNECT AXIS TO THE COMPUTER  using the micro USB cable that came with the stimulator pack. The AXIS will automatically switch on and go into charging mode as normal.

Step 6 - You now need to locate the Reset switch which is accessible through small hole in the case as shown below. Gently insert the Reset Pin through the RESET PORT until you can feel some resistance and then push against it twice in quick succession. You should feel it click as you press it and if the process has been successful the screen will go blank and the green LED will fade between dim and bright repeatedly. This indicates that AXIS is ready to receive the update.

Step 7 - In the BOSSA application click the “Refresh” button and then drop down the “Serial Port” menu and select the required COM port (this will usually be the only one displayed). If successful the buttons at the bottom will become active (grey to black) and the word “Connected” will also appear at the bottom. 

Step 8 - Click on the “Browse” button and navigate to the update *.bin file as downloaded in step 1 and click “Open”.

Step 9 - In the Bossa “Write Options” check/tick the boxes “Erase all”, “Boot to flash”, “Brownout detect” and “Brownout reset”. See the screen shot in step 4. 


Step 10 - Now click on the “Write” button and you should see another screen appear showing the programming progress as below. Click “OK” in the Info window when completed.

Step 11 - Your AXIS should now have the new firmware update installed and be ready to use but it is advised that you click on “Verify” to make sure that the process was 100% successful.

Step 12 - Remove the USB cable from AXIS and switch on in the normal way. Ensure that the start-up screen shows the same version as installed. You can now close the BOSSA application by clicking “Exit”. In order to fully enjoy your new AXIS features we strongly recommend that you read the Latest Instructions.

Important Note

If the above procedure is not followed step by step errors will occur so do not try to guess your way too much as this will likely end in failure. If you do have issues then close BOSSA and start again following each step carefully. In the event you require further assistance, please email us at

Please be aware that if you download firmware updates from anywhere other than the ElectraStim website (and you are not on the Beta Testing Panel), you will invalidate your warranty if installed. ALWAYS check the version number below for official releases.

However, if you have downloaded a genuine copy of our firmware and an error has occurred we will be able to recover the unit provided you can give us your serial number.