What Is Electro Sex?

Electro sex is the pleasurable stimulation of your nerve endings and surrounding tissue using an electrical current. You might also hear it called 'e-stim', 'EES' or 'electro stim'. lf you've not already tried e-stim then chances are you're familiar with a TENS unit (e.g. an ab-toning belt)
Electro-sex toys and stimulators work on the same principle but are designed especially for erotic pleasure so can provide a much wider range of sensations. Electro sex is a safe, fun and unique way to experiment with different sensations, whether you're playing by yourself or with a partner.

electro sex below the waist only

Who Can Safely Use E-Stim?

Stimulation should ONLY be applied below the waist
You should also ensure that your chosen electrodes are fit for purpose (ie: don't use a probe for anal stimulation unless it is stated as being suitable for anal play).
You should not use electro sex if:
- You are pregnant
- You have epilepsy
- You have any sort of heart condition (including pacemakers)
- You are suffering from any sort of genital injury or disorder

electro sex safety information

How Does Electro Sex Work?
Electro stimulation works by completing an electrical circuit with your body/your partner's body. Single output stimulators let you use one bipolar, or two unipolar toys. Dual output stimulators let you use twice as many accessories.

how to use electro sex

There are loads of different ways to play with electro either alone or with someone else; as long as you have a complete circuit you can experiment however you choose. 

Both plugs must be utilised in order to feel the electro sensations. Your body completes the circuit! 

connect both leads to electro sex stimulator to complete the circuit

Why Is Electro Sex Different To Other Sex Toys?
Electro sex is simple to use and an incredibly effective way to add a wide range of different sensations to your sex life.
Whether you're choosing to utilise electro for a skin-tingling massage or an intense, throbbing masturbation session; there's so much you can achieve with a stimulator and a couple of accessories!
E-stim takes a more direct path to the nerve endings in your skin than vibrators which can result in more intense and varied stimulation.

electro sex and your skin

How Does It Feel?
Running an electrical current around your body for sexual pleasure might sound a bit strange, but thousands of happy users will tell you it’s one of the most unique sensations you can experience.

how does electro sex feel

Starting with tingles and prickles across the skin, as you reach higher intensity levels the sensations will start to feel deeper and more penetrating. At these more intense levels, your muscles begin to pulsate and contract in time to the stimulation.

Imagine the clenching feeling you experience just before climax. Electro-sex lets you enjoy that feeling over and over and over; prolonging your pleasure for as long as you want.

Play Scenarios and Pad Placement
Two conductive pads are all you need to enhance masturbation or sex. 
Experiment with different placements (remember: below the waist only!) to find the combination that feels good to you.  

solo lady playing with electro sex lady with electro pads on her bum

When playing solo, you have the freedom to choose any accessories you desire.
Remember: if you want to use multiple toys (i.e. cock rings and a butt plug) you will need a dual output stimulator.
By placing one conductive pad on your lower body and one on your partner, you can complete the electro circuit when you touch. 

couple using electro stimulation together during sex

This means that during sex your genitals will feel electrified! Electro sex is incredibly versatile and really shines when you experiment! For more tips and tricks, feel free to contact us on info@electrastim.com