ElectraStim standard adapter to 3.5mm socket (single cable)


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Do you have electro-sex toys or attachments from other brands that you’d like to use with your ElectraStim stimulator? Use the ElectraStim stimulator to 3.5mm adapter (female) to enjoy any toy with an integrated cable and a 3.5mm jack alongside your ElectraStim stimulator.

This female 3.5mm adapter allows your ElectraStim stimulator to accept male 3.5mm jack attachments.

One cable per pack.

Do you need to convert your other brand of stimulator for use with ElectraStim accessories Try the opposite version of this cable!


  • Length: 150mm / 6 inches
  • Connection: 3.5mm (female) socket to proprietary ElectraStim stimulator cable

Compatible with all ElectraStim powerboxes and any toy with a 3.5mm plug (including from other manufacturers) Each converter allows you to convert one attachment for use with ElectraStim stimulators.