• Sensavox Belt Accessory/Storage Pouch - ElectraStim Official
  • Sensavox Belt Accessory/Storage Pouch - ElectraStim Official
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Sensavox Belt Accessory/Storage Pouch

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Protect your Sensavox Stimulator and adapt it for hands-free use with this handy pouch. Designed to attach to the waistband of a strap-on harness or belt to let you play unrestricted.

SensaVox, strap-on harness and dildo sold separately.


Designed to hold and protect your Sensavox Stimulator unit; this handy pouch can be attached to a belt or strap-on harness so your hands are left free to play. Made from sturdy leather, the pouch is designed especially for the Sensavox so will fit snugly to also protect the unit from bumps and knocks.

Our most powerful stimulator unit, the Sensavox has 99 different intensity levels so with that much power to play with you're going to want your hands free!


(stimulator, dildo and strap on harness not included)