Why Choose ElectraStim Sex Toys?

posted14th September 2016

Erotic electrostimulation is enjoying a surge of interest and as a result, new companies are dipping their toes into e-stim design. With more variety on offer than ever, why should you choose ElectraStim sex toys over other brands? Here are our top reasons to invest in our electro sex toys.

From Beginner to Electro Sexpert

Electro sex toys historically have had a quite spiky PR image. We’ve worked hard over the past few years to encourage electrosex virgins to try our products – with great success! Our attendance at consumer expos, press releases and use of in-store demos have all helped to change the public perception of electro-stimulation.

Rocker-Size-Comparison3-300x274Our attitude toward beginner-friendliness is reflected in our product range, with our stimulators offering precise control over the sensations experienced. Our sex toys come in a great variety of shapes and sizes to provide something for someone of every experience level. Our Silicone Noir range caters for beginners with ergonomic styling and luxurious soft black conductive silicone.

At the heart of our business are our loyal customers who have helped shape and forge the toys we create. Dedicated kinksters, big toy fans and both professional and lifestyle fetishists have stayed true to our brand, helping us to curate a range of stimulators and niche electro toys which cater for more technical users and those looking for more play options.

Unique Designs

Most ElectraStim products are designed in-house using our own research and design knowledge to create exclusive collections unique to our brand.featured The ergonomically designed shapes were created to optimize sensation for a variety of play types. Size, weight, material and shape all unify to create the sexual satisfaction our toys are known for. We even use a silent testing panel to help us make tweaks to our designs before release.


All of our wired electro sex toys use 2mm pins to connect to a stimulator. This means you can use any of our stimulators with any of our sex toys.CABLES & ADAPTERS HOMEPAGE CAT CABLES
We also understand that variety is the spice of life, so we sell a variety of adapter kits that will allow you to mix and match ElectraStim products with other brands.


ElectraStim products are manufactured to the highest standard with most of our products handcrafted and assembled in our UK-based workshop. buttplugsWe use body-safe materials for our sex toys including stainless steel, aluminium, allergen-free rubber, medical-grade plastic and medical-grade platinum cured silicone.

Every ElectraStim product is carefully assessed to ensure it meets our quality criteria before it goes on sale. Our electrodes and stimulators all carry the CE mark – confirming they comply with the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

Output Pulse Technology

All of our stimulators have magnetically coupled outputs (transformers) which not only provides a galvanic safety isolation barrier but also allows your nerves to naturally re-polarise after every pulse.  Cheap electronic stimulation circuits can feel painful and harsh due to the un-natural wave shape.


Our CEO has a background in manufacturing medical e-stim devices, so safety is his number one concern. All ElectraStim stimulators are fitted with safety features that some other brands forego. This means when you buy an ElectraStim stimulator, you can be confident that the unit was built for intimate use with your safety in mind. Our products include safety instructions for use and we also provide on-site safety information.

Our dual output stimulators have interpolated outputs which means that the stimulating pulses from each channel are never driven at the same time.  This ensures true inter-output isolation preventing cross channel current surges when manipulating toys or when two users are sharing.


ElectraStim Flick Rechargeable Electro-Sex Stimulator controller turnedWe test using calibrated power supplies in collaboration with bespoke test equipment and a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) to ensure the stimulating pulse has the perfect asymmetrical bi-phasic waveform.  Every SensaVox unit and Controller system has a unique serial number for quality control and traceability.  All ElectraStim Flick units are tightly batch controlled and have the re-chargeable lithium polymer batteries cycled 3 times before shipping.

We hand check all of our electrodes before they are hygienically packaged for sale. We even machine polish our metal electrodes to give them that extra shiny finish.

Open Review Policy

We know that customers want to know as much real information as possible about the products before they buy them. Marketing can explain a products uses from our perspective but it’s much better when it’s coming from someone independent. For the past 4 years we have been engaging bloggers and media outlets with the opportunity to review our products in the public domain. We’ve also updated our online shop to host on-site customer reviews.


advice guide featured EM140All ElectraStim non-consumable products come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customers can extend stimulator warranties to 3 years when they register their stimulator model with us.


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