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Welcome to ElectraStim.com, the official international hub for ElectraStim stimulators and electrodes. This site serves the USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of the world, with all prices displayed in US dollars. If you've arrived from the UK or Europe, head over to our European website.

We are now shipping all orders over $199 to the USA and Canada free of charge and all orders over $299 to Australia and New Zealand free of charge.

At ElectraStim you'll find high-quality stimulation boxes with a variety of features. Choose between USB rechargeable, battery-powered and mains-powered models. You can stimulate using pre-programmed stimming patterns or try creating your own patterns in sympathy with movement, voice or direct audio input. All of our Stimulators have a standard 3.8mm safety plug for the connecting cable and 2 x 2mm pins for connecting electrodes. We also sell adapters for other brands.

Make sure you check out our great range of electro sex toys. From smooth, soft Silicone Noir electrodes to cool Luxury Metal, we have a fantastic selection of electrodes to cater for almost any sexual desire. Our stunning designs cater for both electrosex beginners and experts alike.

If you need any help, head over to our Advice Guides. You can also read independent product reviews in our information section.

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