posted20th August 2015

Frequently Asked Electro Sex Questions

What is Electro Sex?

Electrostimulation is a unique type of sexual stimulation as unlike normal sex toys that vibrate or rotate, ElectraStim directly stimulates your nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals that generate a highly stimulating sensation.

When using ElectraStim stimulators and electrodes you’ll feel tingling and contractions that complement sexual contact, improve the pleasure you feel and can even bring you to orgasm with no additional stimulation required. On higher levels electrostimulation can feel uncomfortable and even tortuous, which is why e-stim has such a close association with BDSM. The sensations you experience are entirely dependent on you, increase power slowly for a more sensual and erotic electro-sex experience.

If you’ve never tried erotic electro stimulation before then why not take a look at our electro sex starter packs which are an out of the box experience – all items included! If you are looking for a high-specification dual channel stimulator then look no further than our ElectraStim SensaVox set which also allows you to control stimulation using voice commands or music.

How Does EES Work?

When you use an ElectraStim stimulator with any of our electrodes, sensations are transmitted to your brain via electrical impulses that travel along your nerve pathways. When the impulses reach your brain, you interpret them as pleasant tingling and contracting sensations that can invoke an erotic response.

If I Buy an ElectraStim Electro-Sex Stimulator, What Other Accessories Will I Need?

All you need to get started in most cases is an ElectraStim stimulator. Most of our stimulators come with a set of electrodes, so you won’t need to buy anything else. The only stimulator which does not include electrodes is our SensaVox unit.

You need at least 1 bi-polar or 2 uni-polar electrodes to feel sensation when using our stimulators. Read our electrode product descriptions to find out if they are uni-polar or bi-polar to help you choose the right accessories.

Which ElectraStim Electrodes Are Compatible With My Stimulator?

Once you own an ElectraStim stimulator you can use any electrodes you like. All of our stimulators and electrodes have universal 2mm pin connectors, so you can expand your kit with both our current and future electro sex toy attachments.

Do All Electrodes Provide the Same Level of Stimulation?

No. Generally speaking, the larger the conductive area on the electrode the weaker the stimulation becomes due to the distribution of the electrical current. You can still obtain strong stimulation with larger metal electrodes but you will need to push the intensity up a little higher.

How Can I Have Sex While Using the ElectraStim Cock Rings?

You can wear any ElectraStim cock ring, band or loop during sex. Simply place the electrode around the very base of your penis or around your penis and testicles. So long as the cock ring is positioned so that it doesn’t inhibit penetration, you can enjoy wear during intercourse.

All of our ElectraStim cock rings are uni-polar, so you will need to wear one alongside another uni-polar electrode. You can either give your partner a uni-polar electrode to play with so you share sensations wherever you touch, or use another electrode like an ElectraPad so only you feel stimulation.

What Are ElectraLoops?

ElectraLoops work just like adjustable cock rings, but they also provide added sensation when used with one of our stimulators. You place the loop around the shaft or around the penis and testicles to create sensations deep within your penis.

ElectraLoops come in a pack of 2 and can be used as an alternative to the metal cock/scrotal rings. For solo play you should wear a band at the base of your penis and below the glans. For couple’s play, we recommend using a single ring alongside another uni-polar electrode.

How Do I Use the Solid Metal Uni-polar ElectraProbes?

Our uni-polar ElectraProbes are designed to be safe for both vaginal and anal use. Because they only have a single input, they need to be used alongside another uni-polar electrode. The unipolar design means you’ll feel sensation all over the surface of the probe, so it creates 360-degree sensations during play.

How Do I Use a Bi-polar ElectraProbe?

Bi-polar probes have two 2mm inputs which power two individual contacts. Stimulation can only be felt through both contacts when both inputs are connected to a stimulator. You can use a bi-polar probe on its own or choose to use just one contact live by connecting a single input alongside a uni-polar electrode.

These probes give very localised and intense anal or vaginal stimulation and are the ideal accompaniment to masturbation, foreplay and sex.

How Will I Know if My Battery Needs Replacing or Stimulator Needs Recharging?

All of our stimulators are fitted with a low battery indicator to let you know when power is running low. Low battery indicators vary between stimulators, so read the instruction booklet for more information.

How Safe Are ElectraStim Products?

Although the ElectraStim products are not medical devices, we have designed them in accordancen with the European General Requirements for Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment (EN60601-1 and section 2.10 for nerve and muscle stimulators). All of our stimulators and accessories carry the mandatory CE mark.

To mitigate any potential problems you should always read the stimulator and electrode instructions carefully before use. If you do not understand the instructions, you should contact us for further advice before play.

Where Should I Not Apply Stimulation?

Stimulation should not be applied above the waist. You should also ensure that your chosen electrodes are fit for purpose (ie: don’t use a probe for anal stimulation unless it is stated as being suitable for anal play). If you have skin inflammation or irritation, you should not use electrodes on those areas.

You should not use ElectraStim if:

– You are pregnant
– You are menstruating (internal electrodes only)
– You have epilepsy
– You have any sort of heart condition
– You are in ill health
– You are suffering from any sort of penile or vaginal disorder

How is ElectraStim Different from a TENS or Abdominal Muscle Stimulator?

ElectraStim products are not medical devices with some imaginative accessories. Each ElectraStim stimulator and electrode has been designed in the UK especially for intimate erotic stimulation.

From the patterns and functions programmed into our various stimulation units to the specialist shapes, sizes and styles of electrodes, our products are specialist sex toys. It is not recommended you use a TENS unit or similar for erotic stimulation. Likewise, we do not recommend ElectraStim for medical use.

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