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ElectraStim for Women

Looking for the best electro sex toys for women? From clitoral stimulation to vaginal stimulation, these advice guides were penned for the ladies to help them enjoy the most pleasurable e-stim experience possible. Learn how to use electro sex dildos and read about the sensations they create, delve into the world of external EES and dabble with the intense pleasures of clitoral e-stim, you’ll find all things related to female electrosex here.

The ElectraStim Lula Kegel Ball Diaries – An Impartial Review

As creators of innovative electrostim tech, we take our product design and testing very seriously. Our ElectraStim Lula Kegel Balls were the fifth release in the ElectraStim Silicone Noir range, arriving several months after the premiere of the first four electrodes. The complex design incorporates bi-polar conductive contacts in the lower ball and a free-roaming weight in the upper, combining the perceived benefits of traditional Ben Wa balls (now better known as jiggle balls) with…

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Can You Use E-Stim with The Coil / an IUD?

When ElectraStim asked me to write an advice guide on using e-stim toys with the coil, I initially did my online research to find out what others had to say. Despite finding lots of advice saying that women wouldn’t feel the stimulation through the coil, I couldn’t find any evidence to the contrary written by actual women. There was only one thing for it, I needed to put it to the test! I asked a…

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How to Do Electro Kegel Exercises with Lula Kegel Balls

What is the Pelvic Floor? Your pelvic floor is another name for your PC muscles or Kegel muscles. This muscular group is responsible for bladder control, urethral control, vaginal muscular response and operating the sphincter muscles in your bottom. How strong they are can also have an effect on vaginal tightness and sensitivity. The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey transported kegel balls into mainstream culture but what about if you add electricity for an…

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What is Squirting? The ElectraStim Guide to G-Spot Squirt Orgasms

If you read women’s magazines, watch porn or you’ve read erotic blogs then you’ve probably heard of female ejaculation, also known as squirting. How and why squirting occurs is a subject for hot debate and the best sources of information usually come from those who squirt themselves. Those in the now say that squirting is closely connected with massaging the G-spot, a raised bump located around 3 inches inside the vagina on the wall closest…

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How to Use ElectraStim Toys for Electro Sex Clit Stim

Using erotic electrostimulation to directly stimulate the clitoris takes a little bit of practice. Many first timers find that the sensations are more akin to pussy torture than the pleasurable experience they were hoping for and that can put people off trying again. When you use vibrators and other vibrating sex toys to pleasure the clitoris, their energy tends to be focused on the clitoral glans – the part of the clitoris that protrudes from…

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What are ElectraStim Electro Sex Dildos and How Do I Use Them?

  The humble dildo is one of the first sex toys ever created, with one historical example dating all the way back to 30,000 years ago! Initially crafted out of stone, dildos have gone through many incarnations to become the smooth and sleek sex toys made from glass, silicone and metal that we buy today. Dildos differ from vibrators because they don’t have any internal mechanisms, they are quite simply material made into a phallic…

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Product Spotlight – ElectraStim Halo Clit E-Stim Electrode

We’ve created Halo especially for women who want to experience the tingles of electrosex during clitoral stimulation. With bi-polar contacts offering 2 unique experiences, Halo is best enjoyed as a uni-polar electrode alongside another of our electro sex toys or as a bi-polar probe for shallow insertion. Halo’s lower contact covers a wide surface area, offering softer and less prickly tingles to lavish your clit with waves of pleasurable sensation. Hold Halo by the insulated…

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