Your Questions Answered- November 2022

Your Questions Answered- November 2022

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I have been treated, at one time, with electrical muscle stimulation and I was told that placing pads on the left and right pectorals is a mild way to stimulate muscle growth. I am concerned with placement of the electrodes up above the heart. Is my concern valid?"   

This is such an important one we wanted to put it at the top! 

If you've used muscle stimulation in the past, chances are this was an EMS device which does operate slightly differently to electro sex toys. EMS, TENS and Erotic Electro Stimulation are all based on the same technology with feature differences so as a rule we do not recommend using any kind of electro stimulation device over the chest and heart. 

Even if you're fit and healthy and have no history of heart issues, any sort of electrical signal passing over the heart (or indeed close to the head) can be dangerous so our position as a company is a blanket DON'T DO IT to electro on the chest. You just never know and it's not worth the risk. 

"How can i keep an electro stim butt plug inserted when the unit causes the pleasurable contractions but the contractions also cause the thing to be ejected. Just when things are getting fun!"

This is a really good question! Our Rocker butt plugs in particular have been designed with a 'stealth entry' base that allows you to sit on the plug during play- which in turn will stop it popping out when you clench with pleasure. 

Alternatively, if you have one of our classic toys that doesn't have this base, we've released a set of 90-degree angled cables that will allow you to sit/put pressure against the base of the toy more successfully.

"I use 2 pads on my penis but have to cut them to fit. I’m not exactly “hung”. Are there smaller pads made? I have tried adjustable bands and the wire things but don’t like them. Thanks!"

To an extent the conductive pads can be trimmed but you're quite right in that there's not much room for adjustment. Unfortunately we do not make smaller pads; largely due to the fact that the smaller the pad the smaller the surface area and this will make the pad feel quite uncomfortably 'sharp' and intense. 

Our next suggestion would be to give the Silicone Noir Viper cock shield a try. The design specifically targets the base of the penis so your total length won't make any difference to the sensation felt. Just bear in mind that although Viper can be squeezed slightly to reduce the diameter it will not get smaller than around 30mm in diameter. 

We're always happy to try and accommodate all our customers, so if these suggestions don't appeal then it's always worth contacting us directly to see if a bespoke product can be made/altered for you. We can't guarantee, but we'll try! 

" If I do electric sounding and insert past my prostate, can the electric pulse be detrimental and stimulate bad PSA or cause testes to grow??"

Generally speaking we don't recommend that electro sounding is done this deeply into the body so as to go past the prostate. As our sounds are completely straight rods we don't recommend them for direct manual prostate stimulation as a curved sound is much more comfortable, longer and more suited to the curves of the anatomy. 

For targeted prostate stimulation a much more effective route using electro is to use an anal plug and a sound in tandem. This means that the electrical current will travel between the two and cross the path of the prostate internally. You can use any of our butt plugs for this- you'll only use one of the connections on your cable- and any of our urethral sounds. For more detailed information, please contact us

If you were to insert an ElectraStim electro sound this deeply there is no evidence to suggest it would affect PSA levels, however, with advanced play of this kind where you have concerns (or where you have a history of prostate cancer) we would always recommend you consult your doctor first. 

Likewise, we have never known electro to cause the testes to grow or shrink outside the normal changes seen during the arousal stages. However, if you're concerned in any way then we recommend halting play and consulting your doctor for advice. 

"Would it be possible to save music on the future unit like mp3 files???"

The onboard memory inside our more advanced units Flux and AXIS is reserved for processing and also allows us to upgrade the units to add new patterns or modes.

Currently there are no plans to introduce a unit with music storage, but we're hoping a new product we have in development will address this for you. It's top secret at the moment unfortunately, but we hear you and we're working on something special! 

  "How can I prolong the life of conductive pads?"   

Always use the clear plastic film supplied with the pads to cover the adhesive when not in use and store flat. 

If you ever find that the sensation of your pads has dulled it's worth trying a tiny amount of lube or conductive gel on the skin where the pad will sit. Not enough to stop it sticking but enough to improve the connection! 

Replacement pads are available in both Long and Square sizes.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions last time for inclusion in this email. If you'd like to submit a question for next month, please contact us.

Don't forget that you can remain anonymous if you prefer and we'll only get in contact directly if your question pertains to a safety issue that we think needs addressing straight away!

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